We have designed the MULE for durability and dependability. We know that your customers are counting on you.  Our trailers make sure you can offer reliable and efficient deliveries day in day out.

Get from here to there in lightning speed, and at a fraction of the cost it takes to fuel, maintain, and operate an ICE vehicle.  Safety features are all built-in, including an integrated rear light system designed to provide greater visibility.


We provide delivery solutions that save both time and money for your operations.  Our trailers are heavy-duty, adaptable, and cost-efficient. 

MULES are designed for maximum efficiency in mind.  Every aspect of our trailer contributes to increased delivery performance and operational efficiencies.

Dependable, and sturdy, you can achieve your delivery needs with flexibility efficiently delivering your goods directly to your customers.   


Want to brand your business?  The MULE has you covered!  Attach ads directly to the trailer or trailer box, to provide low-cost advertising that can be measured in real time, with our advanced monitoring system.  In this way, your business will have visibility, driving customers your way.


Robust Safety features

  • Four flag mounts
  • Stable design
  • Over run braking
  • Parking brake
  • On-board lights

Massive carry payload

  • Loading volume: 54 cubic feet
  • Bed dimensions: 66 x 26 inches
  • Overall dimensions: 98 x 36 inches
  • Powder coated high-strength steel

Add-ons and customizations

  • Paztir telematics
  • Cargo box enclosures
  • Illuminated advertising 
  • Proprietary on board power systems
  • Hot/cold transport